What should I consider when planning the shower menu?

  • Select a few recipes that will meet a varied range of dietary needs. You may want to specifically check with the bride or expectant mom to see if any guests are vegetarians, have food allergies(peanuts, milk, etc.), or are on special diets, such as low-carb diets.
  • Choose items that allow you to manage your time wisely. It will be difficult to throw together 6 dishes in the two hours before the shower. Try to choose at least a few recipes that can be completely or partially prepared the day before.
  • Consider the tastes and style of the guest of honor.
  • Consider the time of day and the size of your guest list.
  • Keep in mind your shower theme if you have one.

Need some menu suggestions and recipes?

  • Shrimp ceviche
    This menu item can be prepared totally or partially the evening before it should be served. It can be served in a variety of ways, like a salsa with chips, spooned onto a piece of toasted tortilla in more of an hourderve format, or served in individual containers as a meal course.

View our full list of recipes for help with planning a tasty shower menu that all your guests can enjoy.

Want some time saving tips?

  • Do as much prep work in advance as possible, such as wash all vegetables ahead of time.
  • If an ingredient appears in more than one of your dishes, prepare it for all recipes at the same time, ex. chop the garlic for all three recipes at once and set aside or store the excess until it is needed.
  • Purchase pre-washed and/or precut ingredients from the grocery store
  • Use one or two types of prepackaged, frozen hourderves. Most grocery stores have a small bulk foods section or go to a bulk foods store such as Sam's Club or GFS. You can also order appetizers online from appetizerstogo.com.
  • Have part of the food catered. Semi-fast food chains like Chick-fil-a and Moe's Southwest Grill sell party trays. Most supermarket delis also offer party trays.