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About ordering shower games

About shower game types

About printing shower games

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About ordering shower games

  1. How do I order your shower games?

    1. Browse our collection of shower games for the type of event that you are hosting-- bridal shower or baby shower.
    2. Once you see some games that spark your interest, add the games to your cart.
    3. Enter your shower details.
      • Use the "Number of guests" field to indicate how many pages you will need of each ga me card.

      • Use the "Custom message heading" field to enter the special text message that will a ppear at the top of each game card.

      • Use the "Date of shower" field to indicate the shower date which will appear at the top of each game card. Click the calendar icon to select the shower date.

    4. This step is OPTIONAL. If you desire, you can hand pick the game questions for each game by clicking the Customize button that appears beside a game you've selected. You can also choose to ignore the Customize button and stick with the questions that we have already selected for you. Clicking the Customize button will take you to another page where you choose the questions that will appear on that playing card. You will need to uncheck some of the default questions that we have selected before you can add additional questions. Use the Save button at the bottom of the Customize page to save any new selections.
    5. Click the preview link underneath the game image in your shopping cart to see how your game file will look. You'll be shown 1 sample page of each game that you've selected. The games will be shown with your shower details.
    6. Click the checkout button. Enter your payment information and place your order. The single purchase price includes as many games as you want for as many guests as you need. We offer secure payment options through Paypal.
  2. Can you mail printed copies of the shower games to my home?

    No. Our service is to supply you with a digital version of the games in the form of a high-quality PDF file. You must then print the games on your own printer or give the file to a professional print shop.

  3. Why haven't I received the information email about my game pack or an answer to my question?

    You should receive an email containing your game pack information immediately after completing your purchase. And, we do our best to respond to all questions within the same day they are received.

    If you are expecting an email from us and haven't received it, please check your SPAM mail folder. Sometimes emails can be mistakenly filtered into the SPAM folder rather than your Inbox.

  4. Is there a limit to the number of shower games I can include in my game pack?

    No. When you purchase a game pack for $8.95, that is the price for the entire game collection. You can add as many games as want. You can even add or change the games you've selected for your game pack even after you complete your purchase. This also includes as many pages as you need for all guests.

  5. Can I change my shower game pack after I purchase it?

    Yes, see below for the specific details of what can be customized after you order.

    Things you can customize after you order:

    • the shower date -- Note: This can only be changed to another date that occurs within 30 days of the original shower date.
    • the selection of games that appears in your game pack
    • the entries for each game

    Things you can NOT customize after you order:

    • the shower message text, ex. Hannah's Bridal Shower
  6. What can I do if I'm having trouble viewing my purchased games?

    Start by seeing if you can view the small sample file below. Use your browser back button to return back to this page once you determine whether or not the sample file works for you.

    If you are able to view the small sample file, it could be that your actual game pack is very large and is taking a long time to load.

    If you are NOT able to view the small sample file, continue with the step below.

    All game pack files are PDF files. You must have a PDF viewer program installed in order to view and print games from this site. Check to see that you have a PDF viewer installed on your computer. If you need one, you can obtain a free PDF viewer from Adobe. The Adobe PDF viewer is a very well-known program that is used by many people.

About shower game types

  1. Will each bingo card be different?

    Yes, each bingo card is guaranteed to be unique.

    Note: While it is NOT likely, it is still possible for more than one person to get a BINGO at the same time-- just like in regular bingo. Generally such ties are broken by who yells "BINGO!" first.

    Each printed bingo card can contain 25 items. You are required to enter at least that many when creating the game. The more items that you enter, the more varied the cards will be. I would recommend selecting at least 30 items if possible.

  2. Do you also provide the answers to the questions in the Match Up shower games?

    Yes. When you purchase a game pack an answer key sheet is provided for each game. The answers are just not shown on the preview.

About printing shower games

  1. What size paper do I need for printing the games?

    Each bingo card is designed to be printed on regular letter sizedpaper, which is 8.5" by 11".

    If you use Adobe Reader version 7.0(or greater) as your PDF viewer, it allows you to print multiple pages per sheet. This would allow you to print smaller bingo cards and let you fit 2 cards per letter sized sheet of paper. You would then need to cut the paper in half to separate the cards.