Baby shower planning guide

Below is a list of activities that are crucial to planning a wonderful baby shower.

First things first:

  • Determine who will be involved with hosting the shower
  • Set a budget(optional)
  • Start compiling the guest list, including mailing addresses. The mom-to-be can help you with this part.
  • Select a shower theme and/or style
    Take a moment to think about the type of shower you want to give. Talk to the mom-to-be to get a feel for what kind of shower she'd like. Do some general reading and brainstorming to help make this decision.
  • Put together a general outline of the shower
    Don't get too focused on details at this point!


The initial detail planning should revolve around gathering all the information that is needed to prepare the invitation. Below is a minimum list of things to decide prior to mailing the invitations.

  • Select a date
  • Decide WHERE the shower is going to take place
    Check availability and make reservations for the location if applicable
  • Decide WHAT is required of the guests, if anything
    This last item is only going to be relevant if you're choosing a theme with which you want the guests to participate in some fashion. For example, if you decide to hold a recipe shower, you'll need to request that each guest bring a copy of her favorite recipe to the shower.

Now, it's time for some action.

  • Purchase invites or the materials you need to make them
  • Assemble invitations
    Use this invitation checklist to ensure you've included all necessary elements before mailing.
  • Mail invitations

Finally, you need to make detailed decisions regarding the menu, decor, and games and activities.