Need ideas for baby shower themes?

Below is a list of themes you can use in planning a baby shower.

If you do decide to use a theme for the baby shower, take comfort in the fact that you can decide how elaborately or simply to apply it. You can decide to stick with your theme completely from start to finish for all aspects of the baby shower: the invitations, decorations, menu, games, favors, and even the gifts that the guests will bring. Or, you might choose to limit the theme to only a few parts of the baby shower.

How do I choose a baby shower theme?

While it is not mandatory to select a theme for a baby shower, doing so will be more likely to ensure that the baby shower is a unique event that both the mom-to-be and the guests will enjoy.

There are tons of baby shower themes from which to choose. Consider the mom-to-be's personality, your budget, and the time you have available to spend when choosing a theme. Also, consider the guest list. You'll need to choose a theme that will be practical for the number of people you expect to attend.