Need ideas for bridal shower themes?

Below is a list of themes you can use in planning a bridal shower.

If you do decide to use a theme for the bridal shower, take comfort in the fact that you can decide how elaborately or simply to apply it. You can decide to stick with your theme completely from start to finish for all aspects of the bridal shower: the invitations, decorations, menu, games, favors, and even the gifts that the guests will bring. Or, you might choose to limit the theme to only a few parts of the bridal shower.

How do I choose a bridal shower theme?

While it is not mandatory to select a theme for a bridal shower, doing so will be more likely to ensure that the bridal shower is a unique event that both the bride and the guests will enjoy.

There are tons of bridal shower themes from which to choose. They range from casual to high class and from traditional to modern. Consider the bride's personality, your budget, and the time you have available to spend when choosing a theme. Also, consider the guest list. You'll need to choose a theme that will be practical for the number of people you expect to attend.

Gift inspiration is the main focus of many bridal shower themes. For example, at a Kitchen Shower, guests and host help to supply the bride with all the things she will need to equip her kitchen. If you decide to use a gift inspiration theme, you'll need to be sure that the couple needs the kinds of gifts that are associated with the theme that you choose. You might want to take a peek at the couple's registry before choosing a gift inspiration theme or talk to the bride about what type of things she needs most.

Themes related to home and marriage are the more traditional type of bridal shower theme. This is appropriate for many brides, but you may want consider the new trend of using a speciality theme that is closely aligned with the bride's or couple's interests or hobbies. For example, if the couple is extremely health conscious, you might throw a Fitness Bridal Shower.

Or, you might opt to use a popular party theme. For example, you could decide to use a Hawaiian theme and throw a luau. If you'd rather choose a theme such as this that will focus more on the party atomosphere, try to add some details that will still make the bride feel like it is her special party.