Celestial Shower ThemeCelestial Shower ThemeCelestial Shower Theme

  • Theme Overview

    A celestial theme, which focuses on moon, sun, and stars, is a cute but unisex baby shower theme appropriate for a mom-to-be expecting either a baby boy or a girl. This theme is also sometimes referred to as a Moon and Stars baby shower theme.

    Shower Invitations

    Ready made celestial style invitations are easy to find in party stores and on the internet.

    You could cut a star-shaped invitation from card stock and write or print the shower details onto the star.

    Use sun, moon, or star stamps to decorate a plain piece of folded card stock.

    Use celestial themed paper and scrapbooking techniques to create baby shower invitations.

    Shower Decorations

    Decorate with yellow, blue, and white colors for a daytime sky effect or navy, silver, and/or gold colors for a nighttime sky effect. If the party will occur in multiple rooms, you could decorate one room for the daytime sky and the other room for night. If you don't want to emphasize one type of sky over the other, go with gold and white decorations.

    Decorate with white twinkle lights. One configuration is to run the light strands along the ceiling from the corners to the center of the room, and then hang a large moon decoration from the center.

    Decorate the ceiling and walls with light or dark blue crepe paper to create a sky background. You can attach the strips of crepe paper by placing removable painters tape along the edges of several strips.

    Hang variously sized celestial decorations from the ceiling or place them on the walls. Make moon and star cutouts from colored card stock. Cut stars from cardboard using a template and cover them in foil. Or purchase small wooden cutouts from a craft store and paint them.

    Create and hang this celestial mobile.

    Cover tables with a navy blue or black tablecloth and sprinkle the cloth with metallic confetti.

    Embellish white or blue pillar candles by adding star-shaped pins, stickers, or jewels. Or slightly alter these candle making instructions to make your own celestial candles. Group differently sized candles together on a mirror and encircle the mirror with glittery tulle.

    Create a celestial centerpiece using star-shaped floating candles. Fill a small glass bowl with water, swirl in a few drops of blue food coloring, and add the floating candle.

    For a floral centerpiece, paint terra cotta pots navy blue or black and add painted stars, moons, planets, etc. or use stickers. Add some florist foam and star-shaped picks. Then, fill the pots with white or yellow flowers.

    Make this star topiary for a centerpiece. Use colors that fit your theme.

    Pull out any star-shaped Christmas ornaments that you have and place bunches of them in a glass bowl or brandy snifter.

    Place the popular children's book Good Night Moon or other celestial themed bedtime stories on tables around the room.

    Create this star-shaped memory book to display photos and memories of the mom-to-be.

    Use sun, moon, and star shaped mylar balloons to fill in the party space. Use plain helium filled balloons to create a sky effect, white and light blue balloons for a daytime sky or navy balloons for a nighttime sky.

    For an evening shower, decorate the outside entrance with homemade star luminaries.

    Set the mood by playing songs with the words moon or stars in the lyrics.

    Baby Shower Games and Activities

    Below is a list of shower games that would work nicely with this baby shower theme.

    Hold the baby shower in the evening so that you can setup a telescope for a star gazing activity.

    Shower Menu

    Use star shaped platters for serving food.

    Serve anything that can easily be cut with a star or moon shaped cookie cutter, such as sandwiches, cookies, or biscuits. For example, you could make these easy starry jam biscuits.

    Serve sandwiches, like a chicken salad sandwich, on a crescent moon shaped croissant.

    Serve a fruit salad or green salad featuring sliced star fruits.

    Serve a celestial themed cake, such as one of the many examples below. Click the images to see a larger view.

    baby on moon and clouds shower cake moon and star blue baby shower cupcakes moon baby shower cake and star cupcakes moon and star baby shower cake

    You could also make a plain star-shaped layer cake or attempt this elegant tiered cake with silver stars.

    Tie in the celestial theme by simply adding an artificial spray of shooting stars to any cake.

    Shower Favors and Game Prizes

    Decorate white takeout boxes with star foil stickers and fill them with home baked goodies.

    Star shaped anything, such as cookie cutters, cookies, candles, or soaps wrapped in a square of glittery tulle and tied with a sparkly ribbon.

    Milky Way candy bars or starburst candy

    Plastic glow in the dark stars