Hollywood Shower ThemeHollywood Shower ThemeHollywood Shower Theme

  • Theme Overview

    The primary idea behind this theme is to make your guests feel as if they are movie stars. This is a slightly more upscale theme than the casual Night at the Movies bridal shower theme.

    Shower Invitations

    When completing invitations, assign each guest a special movie title to use as the inspiration for selecting a gift. Or, rather than making assignments, simply request that each guest use her own favorite movie title as the inspiration.

    Below are some suggestions for movies to use and some ideas for each movie in case your guests call you for help.

    • Beauty and the Beast - beauty products, clock, candle, candlestick, rose picture frame
    • Breakfast at Tiffany's - waffle iron, cereal bowls, or anything breakfast
    • Ghost - Pottery
    • The Godfather - an Italian gift basket, olive oil sprayer, anything Italian
    • Gone with the Wind - fan or curtains
    • Pillow Talk - pillows, sheets, anything bedroom

    Ask guests to come dressed as a famous actress or actor.

    Create star or oscar shaped invitations from gold cardstock.

    Create these movie star sunglasses invitations from FamilyFun.com.

    Use star and movie themed stamps from a craft store to decorate a plain invitation and envelope.

    Paste magazine cutouts of celebrities onto a folded piece of plain cardstock.

    Remove the contents of an unused 35mm film canister and use pieces of the film to decorate your invitation.

    For invitation wording, you could use "Join ____(bride's name) at the premiere of her Bridal Shower." or "__________(your last name) Productions presents A Bridal Shower starring ______(bride's name)."

    Shower Decorations

    The primary decoration colors should be red, gold, black, and white.

    Put down a red carpet for your guests to walk down as they enter the party. Greet them with gifts fit for a celebrity, such as a feather boa and sunglasses. Have someone to play the role of a paparazzi and snap pictures of everyone as they arrive.

    For the party entrance, create a sign that reads "_________(your last name) Productions presents A Bridal Shower starring ______(bride's name)." If you're feeling really creative, you might try making the sign look like a movie marquee. Obtain a piece of posterboard or foamboard to use as the base of the sign. Punch holes around the edge of the board and insert white Holiday lights into the holes from the back of the board.

    Rereate the famous footprints in the Forecourt to the Stars at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Use plaster of paris to create the footprints. You can do a few beforehand to use for decoration. For a fun activity and cute keepsake, you could let each guest do her own footprints. Or, let the bride do her handprints and footprints and then have each guest sign around them.

    Recreate the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It could be as simple as using chalk to draw stars on the sidewalk leading up to the party entrance. You could use guests names instead of actual celebrities.

    Simulate the Hollywood sign that sits atop Hollywood Hills.

    Hang movie posters on walls around the room. You can purchase movie related posters from most stores or even online at http://www.movieposter.com/. Sometimes you can obtain older or leftover posters from movie rental stores. Or, even make your own crazy movie posters starring the bride and print them up using www.snapfish.com.

    Accent displays or special areas, such as the movie posters, with white Holiday lights.

    DIY network has a really cute filmstrip decoration that gives you the perfect way to display past photos of the bride.

    Hang large, gold star cutouts on all interior doors so that they resemble doors to celebrity dressing rooms. Leave the stars on doors that you don't intend for guests to enter blank and label useful ones such as the door to the bathroom or kitchen.

    Purchase a few Director's chairs to set around the party space.

    Look on ebay for other great movie related props, such as large film reels or old movie cameras.

    Use songs from popular movie soundtracks for background music.

    Bridal Shower Games and Activities

    Below is a list of shower games that would work nicely with this bridal shower theme.

    Create an autograph book for the bride. Ask each celebrity guest to sign the book and add a piece of advice to help the bride in her married life.

    Shower Menu

    Do an upscale buffet featuring dishes, such as shrimp ceviche and baked brie. Paying special attention to the presentation of each dish will make this look like a meal for the rich and famous.

    Create a menu using the favorite recipes of well-known celebrities. You can obtain recipes from the Food Network's show Inside Dish with Rachael Ray where each episode features an interview and cooking session with a different celebrity. Oprah.com also has a list of celebrity recipes. And, there are a few different cookbooks out there available for purchase.

    Make this Prickly Pear Sangria which uses star fruit.

    Try this elegant dish of Sesame Seared Tuna on Star Fruit.

    Create this movie marquee style cake using a design from Wilton.com

    Create a filmstrip cake. Back a rectangle cake. Use gray and black icing to decorate the edges to look like a film strip. Then, purchase an edible icing image created from a picture of the bride.

    Shower Favors and Game Prizes

    Give cds of popular movie soundtracks.

    Give a gift certificate to a movie rental store or movie passes to a nearby theater.