Night at the Movies Shower ThemeNight at the Movies Shower ThemeNight at the Movies Shower Theme

  • Theme Overview

    The primary idea behind this theme is to make your guests feel as if they are taking a trip to the local movie theater. This is a fairly casual theme. If you want a more upscale party with a similar focus, take a look at the Hollywood bridal shower theme.

    Shower Invitations

    When completing invitations, assign each guest a special movie title to use as the inspiration for selecting a gift. Or, rather than making assignments, simply request that each guest use her own favorite movie title as the inspiration.

    Below are some suggestions for movies to use and some ideas for each movie in case your guests call you for help.

    • Beauty and the Beast - beauty products, clock, candle, candlestick, rose picture frame
    • Breakfast at Tiffany's - waffle iron, cereal bowls, or anything breakfast
    • Ghost - Pottery
    • The Godfather - an Italian gift basket, olive oil sprayer, anything Italian
    • Gone with the Wind - fan or curtains
    • Pillow Talk - pillows, sheets, anything bedroom

    Ask guests to come dressed as a character from their favorite movie.

    Create home made invitations that look like movie or admission tickets.

    Purchase movie themed stamps from a craft store to decorate a plain invitation and envelope.

    Remove the contents of an unused 35mm film canister and use pieces of the film to decorate your invitation.

    Shower Decorations

    For the party entrance, create a sign that reads "Welcome to ______ Theater"(fill in the blank with the bride's name). You could also add a line that reads "Now showing _______"(fill in the blank with the name of the movie that you'll show.) If you're feeling really creative, you might try making the sign look like a movie marquee. Obtain a piece of posterboard or foamboard to use as the base of the sign. Punch holes around the edge of the board and insert white Holiday lights into the holes from the back of the board.

    Cover windows and dim the lights a little to create a darker movie theater atmosphere. You might even want to trade out the existing light bulbs for some lower wattage ones.

    Hang movie posters on walls around the room. You can purchase movie related posters from most stores or even online at Sometimes you can obtain older or leftover posters from movie rental stores. Or, even make your own crazy movie posters starring the bride and print them up using

    Accent displays or special areas, such as the movie posters, with white Holiday lights. You might even use them on the floor to give the effect of an isle like in real theatres.

    DIY network has a really cute filmstrip decoration that gives you the perfect way to display past photos of the bride.

    Make popcorn garlands and hang them around the party space.

    Hostesses can dress as movie theater ushers, with black pants, a bowtie, and a funky vest.

    Bridal Shower Games and Activities

    Below is a list of shower games that would work nicely with this bridal shower theme.

    Watch a popular wedding related movie or a new release. You might do a movie intermission and use this time for opening presents, playing shower games, or other activities.

    Shower Menu

    Serve a few movie related dishes. Label each with its name and also the movie title that inspired it.

    Set up an area with concession stand like food, such as hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and movie candy. Use paper cups with lids and straws for serving drinks. You might even try renting a concession stand popcorn popper.

    Decorate a cake to look like a box of popcorn. Use real popcorn for the top if your cake decorating skills are rusty.

    Create this movie marquee style cake using a design from

    Create a filmstrip cake. Back a rectangle cake. Use gray and black icing to decorate the edges to look like a film strip. Then, purchase an edible icing image created from a picture of the bride.

    Shower Favors and Game Prizes

    Place unpopped popcorn or popped caramel corn inside cellophane bags tied with a ribbon and a cute tag.

    Give traditional movie candy such as Raisinets or Good & Plenty-- many grocery stores and gas stations even carry them in boxes just like you get at the movie theater concession stand.

    Give a gift certificate to a movie rental store or movie passes to a nearby theater.