Noah's Ark Shower ThemeNoah's Ark Shower ThemeNoah's Ark Shower Theme

  • Theme Overview

    This is a perfect shower theme for a mom-to-be who is expecting twins or for double showers featuring two guests of honor. In either of these cases, you can follow Noah's biblical example and do everything in pairs, such as having two winners for each game and serving two cakes. This would also be a great theme for a baby shower related to a religious group such as the mom-to-be's church congregation. It's even cute for any other kind of baby shower too.

    Focal points for this theme are the ark, rain or flood, rainbows, animals, and pairings or doubles.

    Shower Invitations

    You can find ready made invitations featuring Noah's Ark or jungle animals at a party store.

    Create your own invitation by stamping a pair of animals on the front of folded cardstock, or use animal print scrapbook paper to create a cute invitation. Add one of the following phrases to the inside along with shower details:

    Looks like rain, no chance of sun, even still we'll have DOUBLE the fun! You're invited to a Noah's Ark twin baby shower for Jenny Stewart.

    It looks like rain! So get ready to embark to Hannah's baby shower themed Noah's ark.

    Come two-by-two as Noah would have you to Hannah and Mark's couples baby shower.

    Use this Noah's Ark foam craft from Michael's as an invitation. Write the shower details on the back.

    Shower Decorations

    Decorate with lots of stuffed animals(giraffes, elephants, etc.). Keep with Noah's two-by-two theme and place like animals in pairs around the room. Or, instead of using stuffed animals, make these Family Fun and Michael's animal crafts: soda bottle elephant craft, soda bottle giraffe craft, soda bottle zebra craft, soda bottle lion craft, and clay pot lion craft.

    If there will be many tables at which guests will be seated, do each table in a different animal theme using the various animal prints and animals. For example, you could create something like this animal print painted candle craft for your tables. If you're designating seating, rather than table numbers, refer to the tables by the animal theme such as the giraffe or tiger table.

    For centerpieces, make small origami paper boats and fill them with animal crackers. For help with the origami boats, use these instructions or this YouTube video.

    Create this clay pot Noah's Ark figurine from Michael's to use a special table centerpiece.

    Use animal shaped mylar balloons to fillin the party space or make a balloon arch rainbow. You could also scatter a bunch of light blue balloons filled with regular air(not helium) around the floor to give the effect of water.

    Shape red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet streamers into a semicircular pattern to create a large rainbow decoration.

    For the walls, use animal cutouts from a party store, animal wall borders, or animal posters. All can be attached with removable poster putty which is usually found with the school supplies or with removable painter's tape from the hardware section.

    For a cute rain themed decoration, turn a small umbrella upside down and fill it with stuffed animals or small baby essentials(rattles, pacifiers, lotions, etc.). Or instead of an umbrella, place the items in a plastic toy boat.

    Zoo Pals paper plates, which are shaped like heads of various animals, could be used for decoration and also for serving food.

    Baby Shower Games and Activities

    Below is a list of shower games that would work nicely with this baby shower theme.

    Shower Menu

    Serve blue punch and float a small boat in the punch.

    The ark was made from wood, so use wooden serving bowls and platters for food.

    Make animal shaped sandwiches as shown on the Wilton website.

    Don't forget about the olive branch brought back to Noah by the dove. Serve this elegant olive and cheese tray. You might even look for a dove shaped floral pick to stick in the olive arrangement.

    Create a rainbow fruit tray by arranging layers of different colored fruit in an arch shape. Use strawberries, watermelon, or red apple slices(skin side up) for the red layer; oranges or cantelope for the orange layer; pineapple for the yellow layer; honeydew melon, kiwi, green grapes, or Granny Smith apple slices(skin side up) for the green layer; blueberries for the blue layer; and purple grapes for the purple layer. Finally, add some white marshmellows around the edges for clouds. Or if you're short on time throw various fruit into a bowl with white or rainbow mini-marshmellows for a rainbow fruit salad.

    Create a rainbow vegetable tray by arranging layers of different colored veggies in an arch shape. Use cherry tomatoes or red sweet peppers for the red layer; baby carrots for the orange layer; yellow sweet peppers for the yellow layer; broccoli florets for the green layer. Finally, add some white cauliflower around the edges for clouds.

    Serve a rainbow, animal, or Noah's Ark cake, such as one of the many examples pictured below.

    Try this very colorful recipe for rainbow tye-dye ice cream.

    Shower Favors and Game Prizes

    Boxes of animal crackers with a cute note attached, such as "Hannah was flooded with joy to see you."

    Rain scented candles or soaps

    Plastic ponchos or small umbrellas

    Religious bookmarks featuring a rainbow or a related scripture

    Animal themed favors, such as a small stuffed animals, key chains, paper pads, cookie cutters, etc.

    A pair of something, such as socks or gloves

    Noah's Ark Beaded Pin craft

    Make either this zebra gift bag or Noah's ark gift bag for your game prizes.