Nursery Rhyme Shower ThemeNursery Rhyme Shower ThemeNursery Rhyme Shower Theme

  • Theme Overview

    The primary idea behind this theme is to use characters and objects from popular children's nursery rhymes as the inspiration for all baby shower elements. This is also sometimes referred to as a Mother Goose Baby Shower.

    Shower Invitations

    When completing invitations, assign each guest a popular nursery rhyme to use as the inspiration for selecting a gift. Or, rather than making assignments, simply request that each guest use her own favorite nursery rhyme as the inspiration.

    Below are some suggestions for nursery rhymes to use and some ideas for each rhyme in case your guests call you for help.

    • Baa Baa Black Sheep - something made of wool or fleece such as a blanket or sleep sack
    • Wee Willie Winkie - nightgown, pajamas, or a nightlight
    • Rub a dub dub - bathtub, towels, washclothes, etc.
    • Hey Diddle Diddle - cup, plate, fork and spoon set

    Ask guests to come dressed as a nursery rhyme character, such as Little Bo Peep, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Little Jack Horner, etc.

    Decorate cardstock with a cow jumping over the moon or a cat and a fiddle. Take the invitation a step further by using a plain, white, paper plate rather than cardstock. Then, attach a plastic spoon by punching a hole in the plate and tying it to the plate with decorative ribbon. Use either of the following cute lines to finish the invitation: Hey Diddle Diddle, here's a big riddle. Who's baby soon will be due? A Mother Goose Shower and three is the hour on May 1st we celebrate for two! or Hey Diddle Diddle, come celebrate (name of mom-to-be)'s middle! A Mother Goose Shower and three is the hour on May 1st we celebrate for two!

    Add pipe cleaner arms and legs and sticker eyes to a plastic egg to create a Humpty Dumpty invitation. Place a note containing the shower details inside the egg.

    Shower Decorations

    Create a Three men in a tub punch bowl. Purchase a new baby bath tub, add three small figures to a cup, float the cup in the bath tub. Then, present the bath tub as a gift to mom to be after the shower.

    Use children's books opened to various nursery rhymes to decorate tables around the party space.

    Create a Hickory Dickory Dock centerpiece using a clock and a toy mouse.

    Add some tall taper candles to candlesticks to create a Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick centerpiece.

    Decorate with nursery rhyme themed animals, such as sheep and spiders.

    Make these cute wooly sheep ornaments from Family Fun to use as decorations or favors. Or try these sitting sheep instead. And here is one more standing sheep craft from Family Fun as well.

    Create a Humpty Dumpty mural by painting a brick wall on a large sheet of paper. Add an egg shaped Humpty Dumpty figure on top of the wall.

    If you or someone you know has one of those big, white, garden geese statues handy, tie a bonnet or a large hat to the statue's head to create your very own Mother Goose.

    Baby Shower Games and Activities

    Below is a list of shower games that would work nicely with this baby shower theme.

    Play nursery rhyme pictionary or charades.

    Shower Menu

    Bake and frost a flat cake. Write "Pat a cake, Pat a cake" on the cake and then add a letter 'B' to mark the cake with a 'B' for "Baby and me" just like the nursery rhyme says. You could also add some little handprints.

    Shower Favors and Game Prizes

    Craft the wooly sheep ornaments mentioned above to use as favors.

    Give votive candle favors with part of the Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick nursery rhyme written on a tag attached to each candle.

    Help your guests to have gardens that grow by giving them a flower bulb. Place the bulb inside a favor box or pouch and attach a tag with part of the Mary Mary Quite Contrary nursery rhyme written on it.